Hey There, I'm Stephanie 

consider me as the planner friend you never thought you needed       

Writing about myself has never been my strong suit, but i'll do my best! I'm a slight control freak but in the best way possible; always about the details no matter what the topic. Fancy charcuterie board? I got you. Color coded closet? So me. Having multiple calendars because I'm afraid i'm going to forget something? Definitely me. 
I'm the friend that scales the side of the building to find the right angle for your instagram pic. I'm the friend that you call when you need moral support because you're going to Target and know you're going to buy stuff you don't need (don't worry i'll say no when appropriate). I'm definitely the friend that will pig out with you and spend the rest of the day napping, yes very guilty. But most importantly, i'm the friend that's in your corner.     

I would say i'm a very simplistic person, I find a lot of joy in the smallest of things but find the most joy in trying new foods. If eating food isn't a love language yet, i'll go ahead and claim it as mine. In case you are wondering, my top love language is quality time so don't be surprised if you keep getting notifications from me. But also if you don't like that, please tell me!
My relationship with my couples mean everything to me, so as a result of that you will find our partnership goes beyond just planner and client. This experience is designed to be enjoyed and to be 100% transparent, no hard feelings, no hidden thoughts. We ride together and we cry together because after all, this is a once in a lifetime journey.

Hello, Darlings

Here's How It Works




We jump on a phone, zoom, facetime (or whatever your prefered method of communication is) and chat it up to see if we vibe. Just as important as it is for you to find the right planner, its equally as important for me that I can offer you what it is you're looking for. It's like speed dating, but better!" 

STEP 1: meet and greet

If all goes well, we of course go into our contracts stage. Basically you're committing to seeing me again for the next however many months. During this time we also go over our process and share with you all of our planning and communication tools. 

STEP 2: our first coffee date

By now we've decided that we like each other and I should have a better glimpse into your likes and dislikes. From here, we move on to our design stage where we dive much deeper into what you envision your day to be. With that information, our team will take it to the drawing board and build out a visual gameplan for your viewing. 

STEP 3:  A Paint in the Park kind of Date

After confirming your design, we take you shopping! We will take a look at your budget and help you find the vendors that best compliment our vision. 

STEP 4: We go shopping

So things are getting serious now.. At this stage we wrap up all our final details and ensure that all the wedding components are complete and ready for the big day. 

STEP 5: Discussing our future

Clearly by now we really like each other and are so ready to take it to the next step. I meet your family and friends at the rehearsal and walk you all through what to expect for the big day. As you can guess, tomorrow is the big day and all we do is Celebrate!

STEP 6: time to meet the fam

Time flies whether you're having fun or not, so we might as well have a good time!

my guiding light

so, what is it like
working with  us? fun, lots of fun. 

By now you have been constantly hearing the words fun and honest, well it's not about to stop anytime soon. My planning method is not as conventional as most because I truly value interpersonal connection. What this means for you is that we're going to really get to know you and as a result you're going to have a kickass celebration. We don't intend to be just another vendor on your big day. On average, our wedding planning journey with most of our couples begin at least a year out, that means 365 whole days for us to get to know each other and work together. Can you imagine having a relationship with someone for a whole year for them to not care about you on a deeper level? Yeah us either, which is why our working relationship is so important to us. 

My dream people are those who know what they like but aren't completely wrapped up in all the teeny tiny details. They are people who know how to ride the wave but can also laugh at themselves when they crash and sink. They are the people who can admit that they might not know it all (because honestly, me either) but are open to all the unique and fun ideas. My dream people ultimately trust me because they know and believe that no matter what, i'm always going to help them make the best decisions for their day. 

So, if you're ready to celebrate your day with all the crazy wild ideas and don't feel like stressing over how many circuits are in a wall or if you have enough food to feed everyone, let's get to talking!

So who are my ideal people?

Crunching numbers

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new friendships


tears shed

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I’m an inclusive planner which means we celebrate all people and ALL love here - regardless of age, gender, race, or sexual orientation.

We Celebrate All Love

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Frequently Asked

Yes, while you might not see a physical chunk of money savings, the savings typically come in waves of "getting more bang for your buck." My goal is to help you stretch your budget by sourcing vendors that make sense both aesthetically and financially.

Do planners really save you money?

No, on your event day I usually have a team with me and depending on your service package that will determine how many team members.

Do you typically work alone?

Unfortunately we only offer our design service with the booking of any planning or coordination service. You may add a design onto your month of package however! 

Do you offer just design help?

Unfortunately for the scope of work we do we cannot offer discounts at this time, however we are happy to customize a package that fits to your needs. 

Do you offer any discounts?

We require a 50% deposit and signed contract to secure your date, in addition to a virtual or face to face interview. As important as it is for you to find your planner its equally important to us to find our dream clients. 

What does your booking process look like?

If you find that you might need more help than you originally thought you absolutely can upgrade your package. If you would like to downsize however, that is not possible as work has already begun on the initial package. 

Can I upgrade my package after booking?

Our ideal clients are people who are easy going, fun and excited to work with us. Our process requires a lot of trust and communication so our ideal client would also have to be able to trust that we will treat their special day as if it were our own!

What does your ideal client look like?

We typically recommend at least a year for the planning process but we work with couples with more and less time. Just note that the less time you give us the more your package will cost. 

How long before my wedding should inquire?

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